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The Catfish

Catfish Seminar is an eclectic Americana duo from the farmlands of Illinois, now living in Nashville, Tennessee. Together, Andi Jane and Craig Anderson are a musical yin and yang. Like a cross between Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks, or John Prine with Patsy Cline, they manage to bring what seem like two opposing styles and blend them to create an exciting and magnetic sound. Lyrically, they use clever, catchy rhymes to deliver thoughtful poetry, all the while combining Craig’s lilting, folky voice with Andi Jane’s piercingly soulful singing. Their sound spans many genres, from rock n’ roll to jazz to bluegrass, all tied together with a retro-country bow. On stage they are often introduced as “something you’ve never seen before.” With Andi Jane on keyboard and washboard, Craig on guitar and harmonica, they can charm the crowd as a duo, or up the ante with their accompanying band of drums, tuba, and horn section. Their energetic and upbeat show, balanced with moments of near epic emotion, has garnered them a dedicated local following, and made them an instant favorite of Nashville’s own Americanafest this year. They are a walking contradiction that, somehow--magically--really works. 

Origin Story

They met at a dive karaoke bar in East Nashville.  Craig quickly became a highlight of Fran's karaoke nights, piping out powerful harmonica riffs with his hat pulled low. And then came Andi Jane, climbing atop tables and chairs in the small dive bar, howling songs of  Stevie Nicks, The Beatles, and Loretta Lynn. One night, Andi Jane approached Craig; she wanted harmonica lessons, and asked if he would teach her.  Upon exchanging numbers, they discovered they had the same area code, were from the same Illinois countryside, and lived near the same railroad track, an hour down the same highway--as Craig put it, they drank water from the same well.


The first night they jammed, they wrote a song together and realized that the connection did not end with their childhood homes. Shortly afterward, they formed a band and played their debut show on a Saturday afternoon at Bellshire Pizza--to the surprise of the owners! We will never really know if the show was actually on the books, but the duo and their band of misfits played anyway, christened themselves, and became a house favorite of the small family-owned pizza place and surrounding neighborhoods. 


Andi and Craig continue to write and perform together, every show upping their energy and expanding their vault of songs. They have a debut album on the way, to be released in early 2022, with a few singles out on all platforms now. 


// vocals, guitar, harmonica

This fearless renegade performer spent his childhood years only 60 miles from Andi Jane's, though they wouldn't know it until they met in Nashville. He grew up on a farm, where the only thing to do was hunt, farm, fish, or obsessively play the guitar. So that's what he did...well, the last two anyway! He started writing songs at 15, and at 16 he picked up the harmonica. Since that day, he has never been without one or three harmonicas in his pocket. His music career began with a folk rock band that delighted fans with weekly shows at secret locations, before moving to Denver, where he developed himself as a solo folk act. Now, he enjoys writing songs at a furious pace, with a catalogue numbering close to 300.


// vocals, keys, washboard, guitar


This smooth, sultry songstress grew up in the rural countryside of Illinois. Surrounded by trees, farmland, and the bubbling creek that became her favorite escape, her first concerts were for her only neighbors--the frogs and the crickets. Raised to love classic country, and then R&B, pop, and rock n' roll, she developed a style that encompasses a little bit of each. Singing and playing the piano, she has performed in a wide range of bands--prog rock, dance rock, classic country, 60s pop, and now the Catfish Seminar--one that finally feels like home--where she can blend every style she loves with her classic country voice, in a town that lives and breathes country music. 


The talented team that may join them at any given show...

CJ Benoit - accordion, sax, steel guitar

Cat Grace - fiddle

Travis O'Guin - mandolin

Zac Keefe - upright bass

Tau Chatman - drums

Joshua Latham - Sousaphone, bass

Fredrick Weathersby - Trumpet

Stefan Forbus - Saxapohone


Andi Jane - keys, vocals, washboard

Craig Anderson - guitar, harmonica

Andrew Thomas - bass, guitar

Kyra Currenton - drums

Adam Ward - drums

Ramaul Ward - guitar

Dorian Cornwell - drums

Thomas Townsley - madolin

Steven Lewis - banjo

Will McFarlane - guitar

Fredrick Weathersby - Trumpet

Stefan Forbus - Saxapohone

Dylan Edmunds - Bass

Nate Leath - Fiddle

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